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Managing Partner

Angelina brings 15 years of financial and accounting experiences to the BuilderStar team. Angelina’s duties now include all financial planning & modeling, financial reporting, accounting and banking relations.


Angelina receives a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After graduation, Angelina’s employers were Fortune Global 500 companies including HP, Ford Motor, Bank of Montreal & Emerson.


Angelina’s early employment was with Ford Motor. As the CFO assistant, she had the opportunity to establish an extensive knowledge base regarding the operation of finance department and gained hands-on experiences in relevant duties such as internal control and auditing, financial reporting, etc.


After that, Angelina was hired as Project Management Officer of Hewlett Packard (HP) for BU Finance Analysis. There, she acquired working knowledge of and provided support to help BU teams in marketing strategies and sales targets in HP’s Great China market. Working in a headquarter role, Angelina had the opportunity to hone her skills in handling and analyzing massive financial data in a timely manner.


Later, Angelina joined Emerson Instruments (Beijing) to be its senior AR controller. The dynamic working environment did sharpen her accounting skills and strengthen her ability to meeting important deadlines.


Angelina’s recent experience also includes Accounting Analyst role with Bank of Montreal (China). Angelina was part of the core team responsible for statutory and liquidity reporting and its relevant issues.

Angelina: Meet the Team
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